Internet Usage In Asia Pacific: Vietnam’s Fastest Growing

Asia-Pacific Internet users is growing rapidly, Burson-Marsteller’s data chart shows the use of the Internet in Asia Pacific, and the use of social networking.

Users of the fastest growing

From 2000-2010, the Asia-Pacific region’s Internet users are growing rapidly, including in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, India, China to highlight. Of course, the most surprising is the growth of Internet users in Vietnam, it is 12,035 percent growth in 10 years. Second is China’s Internet users, growth is 1767%. India is 15.2%, Indonesia is 1400%, Philippines is 1385%.

Penetration of Internet and mobile networks

The highest internet penetration countries and regions are Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.

The network penetration of the countries which have an outstanding user growth is relatively low, the reason of rapid growth of Internet users in these countries may be due to population, the relatively late development of the Internet.

Facebook‘s sphere of influence

Facebook’s sphere of influence in the Asia-Pacific is also great, but there are some countries’ other social networks dominate, such as Renren in China, Vietnam’s Zing, and South Korea’s CyWorld, Japan’s Mixi.

Penetration of social networks

Asia-Pacific region’s social network penetration is very high, basically is the dominant in each countries. A special two countries are China and Japan.

Japan’s more prominent network uses are blog and video sharing, video sharing and China’s video sharing is also very prominent.

The top five visited sites

Each country (region) is not exactly the same

Australia is Facebook Is Not Ruining Your Grades [STUDY]” href=””>Facebook, Youtube,, Yahoo, ninemsn.

China is Baidu, QQ, Taobao, Sina, Youku.

Hong Kong, China is Yahoo!, Facebook, Youtube,, Blogspot.

India is Facebook, Yahoo!, Youtube, Blogspot, Orkut.

Indonesia is Facebook, Yahoo!, Blogspot, wordpress, 4shared.

Japan is Yahoo!, FC2, Youtube, Wikipedia, Rakuten.

Korea Naver, Daum, Nate, Cyworld, Yahoo!

Malaysia is Facebook, Yahoo!, Blogspot,, MSN.

Fei Libin is Facebook, Yahoo!, Blogspot, Bing, Sulit.

Singapore is Facebook, Yahoo!,, Xinsns, Blogspot.

Thailand is Facebook,, Sanook, Kapook, Mthai.

China Taiwan is Yahoo!, Facebook, Wretch, Youtube, Pixnet.

Vietnam is Zing, Yahoo!, 24H, VeExpress, Nhaccutui.

Comprehensive can be seen:

  •      Although the situation of Yahoo! Is bad, but still a great influence in the Asia-Pacific region (Japan, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam), there is a certain sphere of influence in Korea.
  •      The Japanese really do not love social networks, not interested in Facebook, but love Wikipedia very much.
  •      Koreans seem to like to use their native network services, Vietnamese as well.
  •      Bing is very popular in Philippines.
  •      Blogspot is very popular in Southeast Asia.
  •      Twitter with little influence in the Asia-Pacific region.

Specific information can be found in the infographic.

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