Inside of Facebook’s Music Plan

In the past few months, the services of Facebook Is Not Ruining Your Grades [STUDY]” href=””>Facebook and Spotify have been integrated more and more closely. But Facebook has ambition to involve other music services and applications, not just limited to Spotify. Facebook is getting more partners for its 2011 Annual Conference f8.

Like Comcast, Spotify allows you to share the music information with your friends on Facebook, but the next step of integration will be more in-depth. According to informed sources, Facebook has been in contact with other online music services, and f8 will focus on music this time.

The key features of Facebook‘s music

Whether in Pandora,, SoundCloud or iTunes, listening,sharing and talking about music is a kind of social activities. Encouraging social activities is very meaningful for Facebook . In addition, as our society becomes ” being in the network”, downloading and buying music has gradually given way to “subscribe” to a huge music library.

1 in the left column, you will find a new label called “Music “. If a user is listening to one of Facebook partners to provide music services, this label will be displayed.

2 Clicking the new tab will open a “music panel” page.

3. Facebook chat icon is now the bottom of the page where there will be “continuous play / pause (Persistent Playback / Pause Button)” button. The button is essentially a snapshot of musical experience and controller. Put the mouse on top you can see what is currently playing music, whether you use the Facebook Connect login which music services. You can use it to play or pause tracks. It can also be used to play or pause on Facebook you find any tracks. It and the news sources of the play button is also connected.

4. Facebook will provide you a page that shows a snapshot of any music you heard, and the songs you most often listen to, and the times you listen to them.

The key feature of music panel

1. Music Notifications: shows that your friends have already listened the music you recommend and the song in your personal information.

2. Recommended song: you can see the songs you’ve heard and the songs list your friends recommend. You can also click the “play” icon to listen to them.

3. Top Songs friends have heard.

4. Top Albums friends have heard.

5.Thesongs friends recently listened.

6. There will be a “happening now” column in the upper right corner that shows what is happening in your social and musical space.


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